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Research at IVT (CC0)

The Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (IVT) generates new knowledge for planning, design, safety, operation and maintenance of transport systems. We transfer this knowledge through teaching, further education and applied research.

Research at IVT ETH Zurich is divided into three subareas and is being performed by the following research groups:

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VPL - Transport Planning

Transport Planning (VPL)
Transport Planning (CC0)

The Transport Planning group focuses on the measurement and modelling of travel behaviour. Conceptualising choices as taking place for the long term and dependent on those for the short term, it has built up a set of methods and data set to explore everyday behaviour. Recently was new insight gained in human activity spaces, variability of daily behaviour, route and mode choice and relevant survey methods. More Informationen

VS - Transport Systems

Transport Systems
Transport Systems (CC0)

The Transport Systems (VS) research group is working in the fields of decision support for people transportation systems, integration of freight rail into logistic chains, performance and grid stability, and is developing rail infrastructure for the future. More information

SVT - Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering
Traffic Engineering (CC0)

The main objective of the Traffic Engineering Research Group is to carry out cutting-edge research in the area of Traffic Flow Theory and Operations. Our ultimate goal is to improve transportation systems and move them towards a sustainable state. To achieve this, researchers and students in this group work together conducting both empirical and theoretical studies. We apply scientific knowledge to develop state-of-the-art and pragmatic solutions. More Information

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