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The MIT Senseable City Lab unveils recreational movement in urban areas. Read more 

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Intelligent Public Transportation

3rd Workshop at the IEEE ITSC Conference in Yokohama. Read more 

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Escaping the hamster wheel

Technology opens the doors to new worlds. Yet it’s both a blessing and a curse, and as scientists, we should take care not to drive the wheel of development on faster than we need to. Summer might be the ideal time for a light-hearted look at this idea. Read more 


A toolbox for creating new drugs

ETH microbiologists led by Markus Künzler have discovered a remarkable enzyme in a fungus. They now want to use it to develop new drugs. Read more 


“Asphalt has a major downside”

Together with scientists from Empa, ETH Professor Jan Carmeliet studied the latest heatwave last June. ETH News asked him where is the most pleasant place to be in Zurich in summer, and which structural measures should be taken to protect cities from extreme heat events. Read more 

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TRB News

Jul 25, 2017

TRB Webinar: Benefit-Cost Methodologies for Evaluating Multimodal Freight Corridor Investments

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Jul 25, 2017

TRB Webinar: Understanding Changes in Youth Mobility

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Jul 25, 2017

Rapid Detection of Fatigue Cracking in Steel Anchor Rods Using the Impulse Response Method

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MIT Transportation

Jul 25, 2017

David Gordon Wilson's lifelong love of the bicycle

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Jul 18, 2017

Lincoln Laboratory enters licensing agreement to produce its localizing ground-penetrating radar

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Jul 6, 2017

A simple solution for terrible traffic

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