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MATSim Singapore in operation

The chair for Transport Planning mainly works on following tasks:

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Travel Behaviour

Elaboration of new knowldege and techniques in order to observe, measure, describe, model and assess spatial behaviour, especially travel behaviour.

Transport Atlas of Switzerland (CC BY-NC)

Demand Models and Network Models

Transfering travel behaviour to demand and network models through education and applied research, in order to economically assess behaviour modifications.

MATSim - Agent-based modeling (CC BY-NC)

Academic Partners

ILS Institut für Land- und Seeverkehr, TU Berlin

transOPTIMA Verkehrsplanung

regioConcept Raum + Verkehrsentwicklung

senozon Understanding Mobility

TRANSP-OR Transport and Mobility Laboratory, EPFL

UrbanDataLab Schirmer


The chair collaborates with several partners in order to finance their projects and dissertations. Examples are:

SNSF Swiss National Science Foundation 

ETH Grants ETH Zurich Research Grants

CTI Commission for Technology and Innovation

Further partners are the VSS, SVI, FEDRO, framework programs from the European Union, the VW Foundation, and clients from the corresponding industry.

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