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Transport Systems Specialisation

Transport Systems (CC0)

1st Semester (Autumn 2016)

Number Unit Lecturer
101-0417-00L Transport Planning Methods  K. W. Axhausen
101-0427-01L System and Network Planning  U. A. Weidmann
101-0437-00L Traffic Engineering  M. Menendez
101-0491-01L Agent Based Modeling in Transportation (Additional JAVA Exercises)  F. Ciari,
M. Balac
101-0499-00L Basics in Air Transport  P. Wild

2nd Semester (Spring 2017)

Number Unit Lecturer
101-0408-00L Laboratory Transport and Spatial Planning  B. Vitins
101-0418-02L Systems Dimensioning and Capacity  U. A. Weidmann
101-0437-01L Traffic Management and Control 
101-0437-10L Urban Mobility 
101-0438-00L Simulation of Transport Systems  M. Sojka,
M. Balmer,
Q. Ge
101-0459-00L Logistics and Freight Transportation  D. Bruckmann,
M. Ruesch,
T. Schmid
101-0482-00L Management of Air Transport  P. Wild
101-0488-01L Human Powered Mobility  U. A. Weidmann,
E. Bosina,
M. Meeder,
U. Walter

3rd Semester (Autumn 2016)

Number Unit Lecturer
101-0419-00L Railway Construction and Maintenance  U. A. Weidmann,
P. Güldenapfel,
M. Kohler,
M. J. Manhart
101-0439-00L Introduction to Economic Analysis - A Case Study Approach with Cost Benefit Analysis in Transport  K. W. Axhausen,
R. Schubert
101-0469-00L Road Safety  H. Schüller,
M. Deublein
101-0479-00L Safety and Reliability of Railway Systems  U. A. Weidmann,
A. Bomhauer-Beins,
O. Fink,
M. Montigel
101-0491-00L Agent Based Modeling in Transportation  F. Ciari,
M. Balac
101-0492-00L Simulation of Traffic Operations  H. He
101-0509-00L Infrastructure Management 1: Process  B. T. Adey
101-0579-00L Infrastructure Maintenance Processes  B. T. Adey


Number Unit Lecturer
101-0010-00L Master's Thesis 
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