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ICN - SBB Intercity tilting train (© ETH D-BAUG)

Society and economy require efficient, safe, financially viable and environmentally friendly mobility. Public transportation should provide a special contribution for that purpose.

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Designing, implementing and operating public transport systems are challenging activities: New focal points with high traffic volumes often establish far away from historically developed infrastructures. Rebuilding and expanding infrastructure requires long periods of time, as well as substantial investments.

Public transportation systems must anticipate such undertaking development as well as proactively consider future market requirements, resulting in a need to constantly increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Main Research

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Passenger Transportation System

BART - San Francisco

Passenger transportation system evaluation and decision support

Freight and Logistics

Güterbahn - Logistikketten

Integration of rail freight transport systems in logistic chains

System Performance and Stability

System performance and stability

System performance and stability

Rail Infrastructure Management

Rail infrastructure

Rail infrastructure management

Furthermore, the chair is committed to questions dealing with regulatory changes and liberalization in the transport sector.

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