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Traffic Engineering (CC0)

The Traffic Engineering group researches traffic management and traffic control, as well as intra-modal interactions, city structures, parking, technology and safety. All this related to traffic engineering.

Main Research

SVT's main research focuses on trafflic flow theories and traffic flow processes for a sustainable enhancment of transport systems.

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Traffic Modeling

Dynamische Busspuren

Traffic modeling with an enhanced representation of real time traffic conditions.

Individual Motor Car Traffic

Individual motor car traffic

Contributions for the definition of individual motor car traffic in cities, with regard on external costs and effects.

Transport Phenomena

Transport phenomena

Enhanced understanding for transport phenomena

Performance of Transport Systems

Leistung von Transportsystemen

Leverage of different technologies and business strategies on the performance of transport systems.

Traffic Capacity Increase

Staus auf Autobahnen und in Agglomerationen

Elaboration of innovative solutions for traffic capacity increase, as well as congestion reduction on motorways and in agglomerations.

In-vehicle Technologies


Identifying new and efficient approaches for in-vehicle technologies which serve for enhanced traffic flow.

Traffic Flow Optimization

Verkehrsabläufe aus einer multi-modalen Perspektive

Multi-modal perspective traffic flow optimization

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