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News from and about the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (IVT) and its endeavor.

08.04.2017 | External | News | Mobility, Spatial planning, Urban design


How not to create traffic jams, pollution and urban sprawl. Read more 

07.04.2017 | IVT | News | Mobility

A Congestion Researcher, that is what I am

Being stuck in congestion southbound before Easter is nothing to be surprised about. Read more 

29.03.2017 | IVT | News | Mobility, Spatial planning

What do Historical Traffic Maps Unveil?

Implications of traffic routes on region, society and economy. Read more 

25.03.2017 | IVT | News | Mobility, Spatial planning, Urban design

Smart Cities 2.0

Data and technology in order to tackle the persistent problems of city living. Read more 

24.03.2017 | IVT | News | Mobility, Spatial planning, Urban design

The Vertical City in Singapore

What will life be like living high in the sky? Read more 

23.03.2017 | IVT | News | Mobility

Impact of Car-sharing in Switzerland

Catch a Car is an innovative car-sharing choice and a Mobility subsidiary. Read more 

20.03.2017 | IVT | News | Mobility

Clear Vision Required

PT and car-sharing blend: The SBB Green Class. Read more 

08.03.2017 | IVT | News | Civil engineering, Mobility

Treffpunkt Science City

Guided tour: Railway practice. Read more 

21.02.2017 | IVT | News | Mobility

Economic implications of accessibility and high speed Internet

Effects, current findings and open questions - presented and summarised from the BBSR. Read more 

26.01.2017 | IVT | News | Mobility, Spatial planning

Smarter ways forward

Making our cities move more efficiently matters and this is why Uber wants to provide access to anonymized data from over 2 billion trips. Read more 

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