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16.10.2017 | External | Mobility

Intelligent Public Transportation

3rd Workshop at the IEEE ITSC Conference in Yokohama. Read more 

26.09.2017 | External, IVT | Mobility

RAMS/LCC for Rail Projects

Reliability, availability, maintainability, risk, safety, life-cycle cost for rail projects. Read more 

12.09.2017 | External, IVT | Mobility

MATSim Special Session

Call for extended abstracts at the 6th hEART symposium in Haifa, Israel. Read more 

17.07.2017 | External | News | Mobility, Urban design


The MIT Senseable City Lab unveils recreational movement in urban areas. Read more 

05.07.2017 | External, IVT | News | Mobility

Mobility Pricing

Mobility pricing balances traffic peaks and optimizes utilisation on roads and rails. Read more 

03.07.2017 | External, IVT | News | Mobility

Traffic Forecasting Summer 2017

Travellers have to expect main congestions north and southbound, corresponding idle times, as well. Read more 

22.06.2017 | External | News | Mobility

Increasing Traffic Congestions

Due to capacity overload and accidents on Swiss national roads. Read more 

16.05.2017 | External, IVT | News | Mobility

The Swiss are Airborne 9000km per Year

Micro Census Mobility and Traffic 2015. Read more 

11.05.2017 | External, IVT | News | Mobility

Uber Elevate

Fast-forwarding to the future of on-demand, urban air transportation. Read more 

04.05.2017 | External, IVT | Mobility

Tram Project Belgrade

The grand finale after 16 years. Read more 

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