News Channel (EN)News from the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (IVT) at ETH Zurich.Adobe Experience ManagerIntelligent Public Transportationnoemail@noemail.orgLijun Sun, Luis Moreira-Matias, Oded Cats3rd Workshop at the IEEE ITSC Conference in Yokohama. for Rail Projectsnoemail@noemail.orgeduRailReliability, availability, maintainability, risk, safety, life-cycle cost for rail projects. Special Sessionnoemail@noemail.orgFrancesco Ciari, Kay W. AxhausenCall for extended abstracts at the 6<sup>th</sup> hEART symposium in Haifa, Israel. MIT Sense<i>able</i> City Lab unveils recreational movement in urban areas. COOPnoemail@noemail.orgMargarita Martínez DíazIVT-Seminar: Cooperative freeway driving strategies in a mixed environment – driverless and traditional vehicles. the Cities of the Futurenoemail@noemail.orgAndrea SchmitsThe tropical city of Singapore should become cooler, more liveable and more environmentally friendly. Pricingnoemail@noemail.orgFEDROMobility pricing balances traffic peaks and optimizes utilisation on roads and rails. Progress with MACMLnoemail@noemail.orgChandra R. BhatIVT-Seminar with Professor C.R. Bhat about multinominal probit. Forecasting Summer 2017noemail@noemail.orgFEDROTravellers have to expect main congestions north and southbound, corresponding idle times, as well. Vehicles on the Fast Lane?noemail@noemail.orgNSLActual digitalisation and automation in the transportation sector. Groups' Presentationsnoemail@noemail.orgVPL, VS, SVTIVV/IVT Seminar: Current work from the research groups. Students' Presentations noemail@noemail.orgHenrik BeckerMasters' theses Spring semester 2017. traffic congestions due to capacity overload and accidents on Swiss national roadsnoemail@noemail.orgFEDRODue to capacity overload and accidents on Swiss national roads. Systems in Transition and Sustainable Mobilitynoemail@noemail.orgSwiss Study FoundationA European Campus of Excellence (ECE) summer school on energy at the EPF Lausanne and the ETH Zurich.<i></i>, Accessibility and its Impact on Vehicle Ownership and Residential Location Choicesnoemail@noemail.orgMichael A.B. van EggermondIVT-Seminar: Public dissertation presentation. phone data and the study of human mobilitynoemail@noemail.orgMarten VanhoofIVT-Seminar about <i>Big Data</i> and Transportation with M. Vanhoof, Newcastle University.' and Seminar Projects Presentation SS 2017noemail@noemail.orgHenrik BeckerBachelors' and seminar projects Spring semester 2017. Assistant Professor for Transport Systemsnoemail@noemail.orgD-BAUGDr Francesco Corman has been appointed Tenure Track Assistant Professor. Transport Research Conferencenoemail@noemail.orgTRANSP-ORSwiss transport and land-use researchers' conference. Swiss are Airborne 9000km per Yearnoemail@noemail.orgFSO/AREMicro Census Mobility and Traffic 2015. Elevatenoemail@noemail.orgUberFast-forwarding to the future of on-demand, urban air transportation. Capacity and Dynamic Hub Planningnoemail@noemail.orgDirk AbelsIVT guest lecture about current topics at SBB. Project Belgradenoemail@noemail.orgFederal CouncilThe <i>grand finale</i> after 16 years. Behavior in a Multi-agent Micro-simulationnoemail@noemail.orgThibaut DubernetIVT-Seminar: Public dissertation presentation. Extension 2030/35 with Great Benefitnoemail@noemail.orgFederal CouncilMedia release: Preliminary results from public transportation upgrades. Problems in Zurichnoemail@noemail.orgMaria Colombo, Antonio De Rosa, Andrea Marchese, Annalisa Massaccesi Optimal and branched transport – State of the art and open problems. R User Group MeetUpnoemail@noemail.orgKirill MüllerReproducible research in R. EconomistHow not to create traffic jams, pollution and urban sprawl. Congestion Researcher, that is what I amnoemail@noemail.orgKay. W. AxhausenBeing stuck in congestion southbound before Easter is nothing to be surprised about. Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttonsnoemail@noemail.orgNoam ScheiberThe company has undertaken an extraordinary experiment in behavioral science to subtly entice an independent work force to maximize its growth. do Historical Traffic Maps Unveil?noemail@noemail.orgRaphaël FuhrerImplications of traffic routes on region, society and economy. Cities 2.0noemail@noemail.orgChannel NewsAsiaData and technology in order to tackle the persistent problems of city living. Vertical City in Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgChannel NewsAsiaWhat will life be like living high in the sky? of Car-sharing in Switzerlandnoemail@noemail.orgHenrik Becker<i>Catch a Car</i> is an innovative car-sharing choice and a Mobility subsidiary. Vision Requirednoemail@noemail.orgAndreas Engel, Kay W. AxhausenPT and car-sharing blend: The SBB<i> </i> Green Class. Dynamics, Equilibria and Congestion Pricingnoemail@noemail.orgIVT Seminar with Professor Dr. N. Wataru and Dr. K. Sakai from Tokyo Tech. Science Citynoemail@noemail.orgEBL TeamGuided tour: Railway practice. implications of accessibility and high speed Internetnoemail@noemail.orgBBSREffects, current findings and open questions - presented and summarised from the BBSR. of Travel Behaviournoemail@noemail.orgDAS Transport Engineering with Professor K.W. Axhausen, IVT ETH Zurich. Flow and Telematicsnoemail@noemail.orgDAS Transport Engineering with Dr. M. Menendez from IVT ETH Zurich. ways forwardnoemail@noemail.orgUberMaking our cities move more efficiently matters and this is why Uber wants to provide access to anonymized data from over 2 billion trips. Illusion – Switzerland without Traffic-jamsnoemail@noemail.orgStefan von BergenRoadwork enhancements increase traffic and create new congestions.'s Planningnoemail@noemail.orgMartina Koll-SchretzenmayrThe exhibition shows the long-lasting path of <i>land-use in Switzerland.</i> Impact of Car-lite Drive in 10 to 15 Yearsnoemail@noemail.orgDanson CheongThe push is on, with new laws in place, plus the authorities installing paths, ramps and connectors for two-wheelers. and Digitizationnoemail@noemail.orgFEDROInteresting perspectives for the Swiss traffic system. and Social Networksnoemail@noemail.orgIVT Seminar with C. Calastri, Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds. Demand Modelsnoemail@noemail.orgGeorgios SarlasIn the search of alternative models for the evaluation of transport projects. Traffic Operations Todaynoemail@noemail.orgIVT Seminar with Professor V.L. Knoop from TU Delft. Data and Trafficnoemail@noemail.orgIVT Seminar with Professor M. Munizaga, Universidad de Chile, Santiago-de-Chile. Vehicle Fleet Simulationnoemail@noemail.orgIVT Seminar with Professor K. Nagel from the Institut für Land- und Seeverkehr (ILS)<i>,</i> TU Berlin. Data for Public Transportation Servicesnoemail@noemail.orgBAVThe Swiss Federal Council sets preconditions for public transportation real-time applications. Car Parknoemail@noemail.orgKay W. AxhausenElectronically controlled and dynamic price system. oriented pricing for scarce resourcesnoemail@noemail.orgKay W. AxhausenNew urban structures and unintended mobility side-effects. Data – Mobilitynoemail@noemail.orgKay W. AxhausenWhich traffic problems cannot be resolved<i> </i> by Big Data? greater mobility mean more and more traffic?noemail@noemail.orgRaphael FuhrerRapid transport of people and goods is a growing demand as well as an economic necessity. virtual reality to envision a car-lite futurenoemail@noemail.orgOlivia SiongBike to the Future, an exhibit by Future Cities Laboratory (FCL), was returning for its second run at the PARK(ing) Day. Transportation: Will we all be passengers soon?noemail@noemail.orgKay W. AxhausenWill our houses be connected to autonomous transport systems? Let's have a seat. and optimisation of support for schedulingnoemail@noemail.orgAmbra Toletti, Ulrich WeidmannResearch work currently ongoing at the IVT in Zurich is aiming to go a step further in providing algorithmic support for scheduling. LITRA 2016: Young Mobility Experts Awardnoemail@noemail.orgBahnonline.chThe 80<sup>th</sup> LITRA general meeting awarded this year's winners of the LITRA price. from Havananoemail@noemail.orgMonica MenendezNew summer school in Cuba &quot;Learning from Havana&quot;. – The Booknoemail@noemail.orgUbiquity Press<i>The Multi-Agent Transport Simulation MATSim</i> available as open access publication. Speed Limit vs. Congestionnoemail@noemail.orgYvette HettingerOn some Swiss motorways 80km/h speed limit is supposed to support the traffic flow. ETH expert Monica Menendez explains how. Award 2016: Traffic Management, Operations and Controlnoemail@noemail.orgWCTRSM. Jakob, M. Menendez and J. Cao received the Topic Area C Award for their paper <i>A dynamic macroscopic parking pricing model.</i> Backshopnoemail@noemail.orgStadt BernThe IVT elaborated a second opinion for the planned BLS backshop, which has been published by the City of Berne on July 8th 2016. 2016noemail@noemail.orgSVTDr. Monica Menendez participated in EcoSuiza 2016, a program sponsored by the Swiss Embassy in Argentina to promote Swiss sustainable practices in Latin America. Medal for the best Master’s Thesisnoemail@noemail.orgMTECThe ETH Medal for the best Master's Thesis was given to Lukas Ambühl, who is now a member of the SVT research group. autonomer Fahrzeuge fallen ins Gewichtnoemail@noemail.orgPeter SiegenthalerAutonomous cars will imply an extensive transportation system remodelling and lead the debate in transport policy. - Rocks and tunnelsnoemail@noemail.orgAgnese QuadriInsight in the archive of the ETH Library, who presents a relevant piece of Switzerland’s transport and technological history. infrastructure in Singapore: An overviewnoemail@noemail.orgAlexander Erath, Jonas KupferschmidCycling is one of the most space efficient and sustainable mode of transportation in cities. Chinese Government Award noemail@noemail.orgSVTQiao Ge has won the &quot;2015 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad&quot; from the China Scholarship Council (CSC). on Researching in Singaporenoemail@noemail.orgRoland BaumannSince 2010, ETH Zurich has forged strong links in Singapore. The Future Cities Laboratory at the Singapore-ETH Centre started recently on its second phase. Pilot Project in Basel &quot;Catch a Car&quot; Comes to Other Citiesnoemail@noemail.orgFM1 Today&quot;Catch a Car&quot;is the first station independent car sharing service in Switzerland. ways to count pedestriansnoemail@noemail.orgJonas Kupferschmid, Alexander ErathExperiences from a pedestrian counting experiment with Placemeter. Freight Transportnoemail@noemail.orgTobias FumasoliThe project «Cargo sous terrain» (CST) aims to connect subterraneously the most relevant production and sales sites in Switzerland. of Complex Pedestrian Facilities: Case Study of the Main Station in Lausannenoemail@noemail.orgErnst Bosina, Mark MeederBy application of pedestrian simulation software the effects of the planned complete redesign of Lausanne main station’s subterranean pedestrian architecture could be determined. Congested Travel in Urban Areasnoemail@noemail.orgSerdar Çolak, Antonio Lima, Marta C. GonzálezRapid urbanization and increasing demand for transportation burdens urban road infrastructures. the City by Telefericnoemail@noemail.orgKatrin OllerA postulate launched the idea of a teleferic from the main station to the campus in Zurich. Whereabout of Electricity for the Railway'snoemail@noemail.orgAxel Bomshauer-Beins, Ulrich WeidmannThe Swiss Federal Railways decided to electrify their network in order to be independent from coal imports 100 years ago. and environmentally friendly freight supply in citiesnoemail@noemail.orgTobias FumasoliProject NFP 71 «Energy-efficient and CO2-free urban logistics» develops basic approaches towards efficient and environmentally friendly freight supply in cities. Environmentnoemail@noemail.orgAlexandrine PressBlogged Environment is a world of alternative perspectives, book reviews and personal contributions directly from our editors and contributors. in the vision we do agreenoemail@noemail.orgEdgar SchulerIs traffic more efficient thanks to Uber? Is the taxi-start-up breaking the law? Will all cars drive autonoumosly soon? System - a rather complex challengenoemail@noemail.orgVanessa BleichA vision for the future moblity of Switzerland. SchererStudy tour Austria - Switzerland and Transport Planningnoemail@noemail.orgPatrick SchererETH outpost in Singapore: A interdisciplinary culture of collaboration. and UNIL Students Awardednoemail@noemail.orgPatrick SchererAt the 79th LITRA general meeting the winners of  Prix LITRA have been awarded. – Future Mobilitynoemail@noemail.orgderinet-BlogHow is mobility changing? What impact does the Internet have? How will the car of the future look like? Einfach gemachtnoemail@noemail.orgKay W. AxhausenParkprobleme aus den 1920er und 1930er Jahren. Award 2015noemail@noemail.orgMonica MenendezKathrin Arnet erhielt für Ihre Masterarbeit mit dem Titel &quot;Evaluation dynamischer Buslinien in Zürich&quot; den 2015 VSS Award. Price for Transport Infrastructurenoemail@noemail.orgSVTIrene Martínez Santamaría received the 4th International Abertis Price for her thesis &quot;Effects of freeway traffic homogeneity on lane changing activity: The role of dynamic speed limits&quot;.änkte Erreichbarkeitennoemail@noemail.orgTransportionist.orgFür Ingenieure und Mathematiker ist der tägliche Terminplan ein komplexes Optimisierungsproblem.ünf Vorschläge gegen überfüllte Züge und Busse noemail@noemail.orgYvonne HafnerEs gäbe durchaus kreative – und provokative – Ideen, wie man die Stosszeiten im öffentlichen Verkehr entschärfen könnte. Verkehr der Zukunft ist der Mensch nur noch Passagiernoemail@noemail.orgAargauer ZeitungSollen Computer den Verkehr bald ganz abwickeln – zu Land, zu Wasser und in der Luft? für Elektrofahrzeugenoemail@noemail.orgDr. R.A. WaraichElektroautos werden von vielen als durchaus denkbare Alternative zu konventionellen Fahrzeugen gesehen, wodurch Treibhausgase reduziert und Energie effizienter eingesetzt werden.öst eine Seilbahn die Probleme?noemail@noemail.orgUlrich WeidmannKönnte eine Seilbahn die Verkehrsprobleme der Stadt Winterthur lösen oder zumindest vermindern? Mit diesem Gedankenspiel beschäftigt sich der Winterthurer Serafin Fürbringer (18) in seiner Maturarbeit. Dazu hat er am 5. November eine Podiumsdiskussion organisiert. Fonds Award 2014noemail@noemail.orgPatrick SchererNicolas Mühlich hat den Culmann Fonds Award in 2014 für seine Masterarbeit &quot;Comparing congestion recovery on street networks using macroscopic traffic models&quot; erhalten. werden sich nie ganz vermeiden lassennoemail@noemail.orgPaul SchneebergerDer Schweiz fehlt es an einem verkehrspolitischen Ziel, sagt der international tätige Fachmann Axhausen. Er bezweifelt auch, dass sich Verkehrsspitzen nachhaltig brechen lassen. Cities Laboratorynoemail@noemail.orgPatrick SchererMobilität und Verkehrsplanung: Multi-agent Transportsimulation (MATSim) von Singapore in Aktion. Grundlagen von vertrauten Unbekanntennoemail@noemail.orgWIRED - The Best Scientific Visualizations of 2013Das Verstehen von täglichen Begegnungen in grossstädtischen Strukturen. Scientifica - Züricher Wissenschaftstagenoemail@noemail.orgPatrick SchererFlächennutzungs- und Transportsimulation im Kanton Zürich braucht neues Hochgeschwindigkeits-Netznoemail@noemail.orgBlick.chETH-Professor Ulrich Weidmann fordert radikale Massnahmen gegen den drohenden Verkehrskollaps. asks: What makes a world-class rail system? noemail@noemail.orgNicholas Fang, Hazlina HalimIn this episode of VoicesTODAY Dr. A. Erath is discussing the question: What makes a world-class rail system? a price on travelnoemail@noemail.orgArtem Chakirov, Alexander ErathTo get from A to B in the quickest and most conveniant way. This can be achieved only with an efficient transport system, and that comes at a cost. to solve the problem of bus bunchingnoemail@noemail.orgAlexander ErathThe recent announcements by the Ministry of Transport bode well for the public transport system in Singapore - especially for bus services. Innovation Forum 2011noemail@noemail.orgPatrick SchererDie ETH Zürich an der Spitze in der E-Mobility Forschung.